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Used Plastic Pallets

Plastic Pallets

Used Plastic Pallets come in a many varieties. They can be nesting for return shipment, they can be stackable, or they can be used in a racking system. They can be injection molded out of HDPE, thermoformed, or rotationally molded. Structural foam pallets offer lightweight strength and are usually used with racking systems. Thermoformed pallets are lightweight and are often used for one-way shipments over seas. Rotationally molded pallets offer low tooling costs for custom sizes, durability and can be reinforced with steel to provide additional strength. Manufactures include Buckhorn, Orbis, Thermodynamics, and Robinson Industries.
UPP4456 UPP4456
Used Plastic Pallet 44" x 56" x 6" , 16 Available @ $45, FOB Mentor, OH 44060
Used Buckhorn pallet for modular tote system 30 x 32, 45 available @ $20 ea. FOB Mentor, OH 44060
Used Buckhorn pallet for modular tote system 45 x 48, 15 available @ $27 ea. FOB Mentor, OH 44060
UPP404807NVF UPP404807NVF
Used Vacuum Formed Nestable Pallet 40" x 48" x 6" Ht., 9 Post Nestable Pallet, 6 available $19.00 FOB Mentor, OH
UPP454506 UPP454506
Used Plastic Pallet 45" x 45" x 6", 50 piece minimum $30.00, 100+ $27.00 3000 Available, FOB El Paso, TX
Roll Pallet Roll Pallet
Roll Pallet 28" x 48", Stackable, 75 Available $95.00 FOB WI
Export Pallets Export Pallets
Used export pallets (50) 41 x 41, (75) 43 x 43 $12.00 Ea FOB Mentor, OH 44060
UPP2929 UPP2929
Used plastic export pallet 29 x 29 21 Available @ $8.00 Ea. FOB Mentor, OH 44060








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