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Used Stack Racks - Racking


Used Racking such as pallet rack, cantilever rack, stacking racks, shelving, and wire decks are all
Used Cantilever Racks are used to store long materials. The cantilever rack consists of a base, an upright, braces between the uprights, and arms. Cantilever Racks arms protrude outward from the uprights with the space in between the uprights open which allows a forklift operator to insert long materials into the Cantilever Rack. The material is supported in the rack by the cantilever arms and often hangs over the edge of the rack. Cantilever Racks are use by lumber yards and building suppliers to store items like steel pipe, plywood, dry wall, lumber, PVC pipe, etc.
  Used Pallet Rack, also referred to as Selective Rack, is the most common type of rack used for pallet storage. Consisting of uprights and beams, this type of system offers flexibility in product height and lengths, and can be easily assembled. This type of rack is called selective because every pallet in a pallet rack system is accessible by forklift without having to move anything out of the way. Standard heavy-duty pallet rack can work for you if you have enough space or need access to each pallet individually. We also carry used Wire Decks that cover the open areas between the rack beams to ensure that product and pallets do not fall through the rack. Wire decks allow water to flow through the rack in case of a fire and are often required by insurance companies and fire department when buying pallet rack.
  Used Stack Racks are usually composed of a metal frame base accompanied by either rigid or removable posts. Stack racks can be made to almost any size and therefore are used to handle many items. They usually have a plug on top of the post and a target at the base to provide secure stacking. Stack racks can be stacked at minimum 4 high. Stack racks are often used for pipe and tubing which can overhang the rack, as well as for tires, and construction material. Stack racks provide flexible storage since they can be moved, and are often used for returnable shipping programs.
  Used Shelving is stocked at our Cleveland warehouse. Generally shelving comes in various sizes including 18in x 36in x 85in, or 24in x 48in x 85in with a varying number of shelves. The shelving is assembled with nuts, bolts, and clips. Our used racking and shelving is repainted if not in good condition.
UWMD4846 UWMD4846
Used Wire Mesh Deck 48" x 46", 2.5" x 4" Wire Mesh, Front and Rear Waterfall, 3 channel support s to fit Step Beams, 2,500# Cap acity, 58 Available, $11.00 FOB Mentor, OH
UWMD4850 UWMD4850
Used Wire Mesh Deck 48" x 50", 2" x 4" Wire Mesh, Front and Rear Waterfall, 5 channel supports to fit 1.63" Step Beams, 4,000# Capacity 69 Available, $12.00 FOB Mentor, OH
UWMD4858 UWMD4858
Used Wire Mesh Deck 48" x 58", 2" x 2" Wire Mesh, 4 Channel Supports, to fit 1.63" Step Beam, 2500# Capacity, Good Condition, Painted Blue, 16 Available $11.00 FOB Mentor, OH








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