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Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) are a container used to transport and store fluids and bulk materials. There are a variety of materials used to construct the IBC container depending on the application. Collapsible IBC`s are made out of plastic and are used with a clear plastic liner. Flexible IBC`s (also known as bulk bags) are made out of nylon and are usually used for bulk powders. Plastic IBC`s are large tanks that are often lined with a wire or metal frame for added support. They come in 2 standard sizes at 275 and 330 gallon. Steel and stainless steel IBC`s are used for liquid and granular shipments and range in size from 180 to 550 gallons. IBC`s are used to ship and store bulk chemicals including hazardous materials, liquid food products, soap, and powders. All IBC`s are forklift accessible. They all have various means of filling and emptying the container.
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Dollie for 40 Dollie for 40
Angle Iron Dolly 40" x 48" x 7" Ht, 2 Rigid, 2 Swivel Caster, $189.00, FOB Mentor, OH
Used Intermediate Bulk Container, Metal Cage, Plastic Bottle, 7" Fill Cap, 2" Valve, 40" x 48" x 53" Ht. 5 Available $100 FOB Mentor, OH








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